Energy Healing in Transformation

Using energy healing for personal transformation is a dynamic process that meets you where you are now and helps create much greater possibilities for the future by directly engaging with life patterns where they exist: in the energy body. While there is certainly a process of looking inward for greater self-awareness, the intent is not to dig deeper, thereby expanding into the past to find the beginning point of the “problem.” As we have all found out, this tends to not solve the “problem,” even if we are able to ascertain the information. In fact, it usually keeps us stuck where we are, feeling justified in our dis-empowered state. Therefore, whatever the presenting issue is contains within it all you need for your freedom.

Being “Lit from Within” means creating your life experience from the inside out. This means taking responsibility for your experience and your reality by your willingness to look at your beliefs and patterns that don’t create the result you want. It also means having the willingness to clear away and let go of these negative energies so that your true, unhindered nature and free will can actually work as a powerful team. We are creating our experience anyway, but now instead of by unconscious default, it begins to arise from directed, focused intention.

Everything in the physical world arises from an energetic source. When the energy is changed with energy healing techniques, then the physical symptoms or situations also change…it’s inevitable!

Healing the root issues of  poor self-esteem, negative body image, self-sabotage, and lack of self-care at the root levels of energy will cause a chain reaction of the crumbling of old, stuck patterns. This will enable you to create a true breakthrough in which your beliefs, habits, and lifestyle are in full alignment with your hopes and dreams. This creates an environment in which you are health, in the most complete meaning of the word–mind, body, and spirit.