Using a combination of Release Technique, practicing presence awareness and allowance of what already exists in the moment, and Energy Healing for personal transformation is a dynamic process that meets you where you are now and helps create much greater possibilities for the future by directly engaging with life patterns where they exist: in the mind and in the energy body. While there is certainly a process of looking inward for greater self-awareness, the intent is not to dig deeper in order to expand into the past to find the beginning point of the “problem,” but rather to allow whatever is already here to arise without any resistance and to do so for the purpose of truly letting it go.  Consciously releasing the negative energy and mental/emotional/habitual programming allows for a miraculous transformation of a situation. It is not something that can be figured out or controlled by the thinking mind. But the negativity that is being held onto by you can also be released by you. You are totally in charge, not a victim of circumstance, genes, or anything else. Therefore, whatever the presenting issue is contains within it all you need for your freedom.

Everything in the physical world arises from an energetic source. When the energy is changed, whether through with energy healing techniques, Release Technique, intention, awareness, or really anything, then the physical symptoms or situations also change…it’s inevitable!