Amy Allen is a transformative energy healer and teacher of wisdom and success methods, conducting private healing sessions both in person and over the phone. She has been doing this work for over 17 years and has worked with hundreds of people to live healthier and happier lives through her unique blend of compassion, difficult truths, and humor. Her diverse training and scope of practice includes the world’s religions, philosophies, and healing methods.

Recently, she discovered the Release Technique and it has changed her life dramatically. She has dropped many other lifelong practices and focused on this one in order to prove to herself that she can truly be in control of her life experiences. It has created many amazing effects for her, and she has naturally started sharing it with family and friends when they are suffering. They also experience amazing, miraculous, and unexpectedly good results. Naturally, she now incorporates this simple and profound technique into sessions with her clients in order to give them the greatest gift of walking away with the ability to clear negative energy for themselves at any time.

After 30 years of struggling with her weight and low self-esteem (despite having talents, intelligence, friends, and many other positive things in her life), Amy knew in her heart that there had to be a way to put all of the spiritual and psychological truths that she had studied into a way of living life on her terms. Through trial and error (many, many errors), she developed a perspective and set of practices that transformed her from the inside out. She created a curriculum for a class/workshop called Lit from Within, and from there, she eventually wrote the book. Although she works with people with all sorts of issues, her mission in life is to assist those who are drawn to work with her to assist in the liberation from the cycle of low self-esteem, poor choices, and a feeling of powerlessness in their lives.

Amy is a devoted mother and is insistent that all of this spiritual work is not to get into heaven after she dies (she is pretty sure that if she lives with integrity, that will take care of itself), but rather to be in heaven right here, right now. She loves to run, travel, lift weights, watch movies, meditate, write blogs, and cook. Amy also loves sports, and is a big Atlanta Braves and Atlanta Falcons fan. Her favorite athletes to watch, however, are her husband and daughters, who run, play softball and basketball. She tries to live her life with no regrets and courageously pursues her heart and soul’s desires.

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Amy Allen lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and daughter. She has a passion for beauty, whether in nature or her home or her clothes, and sees creating and appreciating beauty in life as a one of the greatest pursuits. She is committed to evolving spiritually and to truthfully inquiring and healing her own issues.