Transformation Sessions


The transformation sessions that Amy does go beyond talk therapy or traditional body work to a direct mind / body / spirit methodology which dissolves resistant blockages and fixed patterns that have kept you from living your best life. You will learn how to use the simple but incredibly powerful Release Technique to gain the ability to instantly transform your current state to a positive one, with less pain, anxiety, stress, or any other discomfort. The energy transmission that Amy does deepens this process and helps create a stronger connection to the “new” you.  This is actually your true, powerful nature that is now unhindered from previous patterns. What begins to happen is nothing short of miraculous: “problems” resolve themselves, pain disappears, bodies heal, inner peace emerges….the list goes on and on.

Amy specializes in working with people who struggle with body image and self-esteem issues. She also works with people with a wide variety of concerns, including anxiety, depression, physical diseases, stress, and perfectionism, to name a few. She has over 17 years of experience in energy healing work and conducts private sessions which can be done over the phone, via Skype, or in person (in Atlanta, Georgia). The sessions are a powerful blend of discussion of life issues, Release Technique, and energy healing transmission that affect you in a deep and positive way so that true transformation can happen.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a transformation session with you like?

Answer: A typical session starts with a discussion of whatever reason why you have sought assistance. While the answer and solution certainly exist inside of you, we all need outside help and perspective at times. Whatever is presenting itself gives me insight into where energy is potentially blocked and what type of energy work that I will do. If we are doing an in-person session, you may receive the energy transmission either while sitting on the sofa or possibly lying on a massage table (clothed). Phone sessions are similar in that you simply rest and receive during the energy transmission. At the end, there is a discussion about anything that came up or suggestions I have for you moving forward.

Question: Is it like a massage?

Answer: No. It is generally very relaxing like a massage, but instead of deep muscle manipulation, I am working in the subtle energy fields. While I may touch you with my palms or fingertips, the touch is ultimately not even necessary, since all of the work is energy work. This is also why phone sessions can be 100% as effective as in person.

Question: That sounds crazy. Is distance healing really possible? How can it work over the phone?

Answer: Yes, distance energy healing can be difficult for the mind to wrap itself around. This is because we normally experience reality in linear time and physical space. However, energy is not limited to time and space, and its information can travel faster than the speed of light. In fact, the connection is instant.

Question: Do you do Reiki?

Answer:  No. I have extensive training in other energy healing modalities, such as Healing Touch, Medical Qi Gong, Kabbalastic Healing, Access Consciousness Bars, and Theta Healing. Ultimately, all of these methods have a similar perspective, which is the practitioner is the conduit or channel (not the Source) of the healing energy.

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